Monday, January 28, 2013

A Fixer upper

This is the tunic I made back in December from McCalls 6607. The lowness of the armholes bothered me so I never wore it. I decided to take it apart and fix it. After the cowl was removed (isn't taking zig-zag stitches out of a knit fabric fantastic fun?), I cut the shoulder seams off then retraced the front and back neck edges 4 inches lower. I half-assed resewed the shoulder seams, without redoing the hem. (If there is any other short woman out there who has not shortened a tank in this fashion, raise you hand. I didn't think so!) Then I sewed the cowl back in and Voila! Now it has normal armholes and its actually tunic length and I will actually wear it, though it is still a hazard around the stove.


  1. Great way of making it work for you - still loving the fabric - even if it is highly flammable - most of my stash is too.

  2. I'm loving this and posting it over on my page, too! Thanks!

  3. That's quite a cowl! That long top looks nice over your leggings or skinny jeans or whatever your pants are.