Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Smoking Jacket

The Invisible Man modeling The Smoking Jacket. He doesn't actually smoke,
but he does enjoy a little nip now and then.

Between the initial bad fabric choice, the mechanical breakdown, and general ennui this project took more time and energy than it probably should have. I used Folkwear 238 pattern for this. I did lengthen it (not something I ever have to do sewing for myself) since my husband is 6'1", but not the sleeves. They seemed plenty long. And they were: about 2 inches too long. Hmm? Of course, the cuffs were already on, so I took the sleeves out and cut them down from the top. And set the sleeves back in. The sleeve cap seemed very high, but there was very little ease in the sleeve. They didn't look right, so I took them out and cut down the underside of the sleeve to increase the circumference. And then I set the sleeves back in.

Strangely, the pocket placement and belt instructions are only given for the woman's size small. Hmm?

And those pockets, well I don't think its possible to neatly finish them as instructed in the pattern. I sewed the trim piece on the front of the pocket, cut a full pocket piece with a lining fabric, sewed the pockets and lining right sides together, then turned it. 
Anyway, he likes it. And I can move on.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Who remembers Flip Wilson?

Meet Geraldine... she spent the day Wednesday at the courthouse. They x-rayed her and checked her for contraband, but don't worry she's not in trouble--she had jury duty!
I made her as a challenge in my Designer III group. The challenge was to make a purse using the tailored elements from a man's suit. You can see the welt pockets from the suit in the pinstriped fabric at the bottom. The other pocket's on the other side. I did have to shorten the pocket bags so they wouldn't end up under the purse and they're still plenty roomy and perfect for slipping my i-phone in and out. I made this about a month ago and have carried it every day since. I really like how it turned out and would love to make it again with a leather jacket for the bottom.

I designed the pattern myself and this is the original prototype. This one was was made with a linen ladies suit and has 2 pockets on the one side and one on the other. You can see its a little crookedey because of the darts in the suit. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sewing machines should have odometers.

I'm guessing my serger has about 200,000 miles on it.  We've been together since '93 and I have not always seen eye to eye, but now we get along like an old married couple. I don't see us ever parting, but if something happened to him (like if I caught him finishing someone else's seams) it sure would be nice to get a new one.

I'm still trying to get through The Smoking Jacket project which had been stalled by a big work project and a trip to the shop for the serger. It seems the screw that holds the upper blade arm in place came loose inside the cover. I usually try to figure out/fix stuff like this myself but this requred a professional. So the serger went to the spa and got fixed, oiled and cleaned. The repairman commented that it was pretty clean inside-I do try!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Back on track...

with the smoking jacket. I can't say there aren't still some issues,
but, I really, really hope to finish it this weekend.