Friday, May 25, 2012

Who remembers Flip Wilson?

Meet Geraldine... she spent the day Wednesday at the courthouse. They x-rayed her and checked her for contraband, but don't worry she's not in trouble--she had jury duty!
I made her as a challenge in my Designer III group. The challenge was to make a purse using the tailored elements from a man's suit. You can see the welt pockets from the suit in the pinstriped fabric at the bottom. The other pocket's on the other side. I did have to shorten the pocket bags so they wouldn't end up under the purse and they're still plenty roomy and perfect for slipping my i-phone in and out. I made this about a month ago and have carried it every day since. I really like how it turned out and would love to make it again with a leather jacket for the bottom.

I designed the pattern myself and this is the original prototype. This one was was made with a linen ladies suit and has 2 pockets on the one side and one on the other. You can see its a little crookedey because of the darts in the suit. 

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