Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Everything I've sewn in the last month, almost

It seems like I have done in the sewing room this last month is sit on my butt and watch HGTV. I just haven't felt as motivated as usual, but even so I did manage a few things. 

More Drapes!

The painting in the living room is complete and so are the drapes. One thing my husband and I agree on is this: we love the drapes but hate the paint! The wall color in these pictures makes it look even more like a banana peel than it really is. It's going to have to be repainted--the sooner the better!!

The saw drapes made like this at JCPenney. They are genius! I love how they look and they were so, so easy to make. They have tab tops with the tab sewn into the hem at the top, not the top edge. I used strapping for the tabs since I didn't have extra self fabric for them. I had measured so well, there was only and inch and a half of fabric left over after making four panels. 

The tabs gather on the rod and create soft pleats. 

The Final Installment: the Big Skirt Project

There was a little bit of summer left when I started this but none left when I finished it. I was suffering from skirt burnout and wanted to get that last skirt done. Okay, Rhonda, I love your style and sincerely admire your pattern making skills. But just so everyone knows, beware of trying this with a woven fabric! Of course most of the problem may lie in the fact that it's too short.

I didn't even bother changing into a top that went with it.
It does go with banana wall though. 

I played around a bit with it and think it actually looked better on backwards. What with having no butt and all, I can wear my skirts either way. Darts are no obstacle to me.

I cut the flying-nun-hip-wings off. I think that left the stripe in an awkward place so maybe I'll wear it in the spring, maybe I won't.

A Creepy Muslin!

I made a muslin of this top and really liked it except I used a creepy knit from the free table. It was a bit tight due to the lack of stretch in the fabric. I think was Jet Set from JoAnn's. Totally unnatural, and I don't necessarily dislike unnatural, but this stuff would leave scratches if you used it for a dust rag. I like the pattern and will be putting it on my short list.

A Little Something and a Lot of Shifty

This is another muslin. It's the A Little Somethin' Jacket from CNT patterns. The fabric is a shifty chiffon from one of my favorite places: the free table. I used a lot of spray starch as I wasworking on this one. It's a cute jacket but already too lightweight for this time of year, plus I have nothing that really goes with it, so I don't imagine it will get much use. 

Thanks, Jan

 A Really Big Project

I have been working on a big, fun, exciting project for the Designer III group. I have completed the machine sewing and have quite a bit of handwork left to do on it before I can reveal it on the 23rd.

In the meantime, I have a plan and have something new started in the sewing room. I'm excited to have that excited feeling back.