Friday, March 30, 2012

Another T-shirt, plus a skirt

"Somebody" let me use his tripod so I could take this and not bother him.
Again, Burda 3197. Plus a skirt. The fabric is from I also cut out another of each since I had the patterns out although I don't plan on sewing them right away. I never do this. I think that's how UFOs get started. I'll have to watch out for that.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Goldilocks and the Four T-shirts

This one's too small...this one's to big...this one's tooo ugly...this one's just right!

I decided I wanted a nice TNT regular old t-shirt pattern. Nothing fancy. I had tried a Vogue one and can't remember what I didn't like about it. I bought the Pamela's Patterns pattern, but decided the shape was a bit frumpy. So I used Burda 3197. This pattern has an interfaced facing (gasp) on a knit. Instead, I used the Threads magazine technique for finishing the neck instead. I also add a row of twin needle stitching (with one needle in the ditch) to hold down the serged edge. And,  I always cut extra seam allowances "just in case" because you know all those knits stretch differently.

1.The first one was really tight and a little see-through. Into the garbage can!

2.The second one was too big, but that was easy to fix:
I think the fabric came from

3.The third one fit, but the fabric had this wavy, stripey, dotty, gradated, distorted thing going on and it looked like "the girls" were causing it, so it had to join the first one.

4.The last one I like but it doesn't drape as nice. I adore the print though. The dots have a bright green halo on the edges. The fabric feels almost like tricot, its very slippery and doesn't have much stretch.
Don't know where this fabric came from.
I've got a bunch of likely candidates lined up and I'm planning on opening a T-shirt factory this weekend.

Here goes...

I made this nice, lined, super itchy wool jacket just in time for it 80 degree weather! Of course it was still mid March so it wasn't really due to tardiness on my part. I may get some use from it this spring or else it'll have to wait until fall. I used a pinky brown wool that was gifted to me and Kwiksew 3738. The pattern did not have the actual bust measurement on the tissue so I went by the envelope size and cut out a L. Well, it was a bit large, so I took in the sides to more like a M. The darts were already in so I left them where they were. I suppose that why it fits a little funny. That's my excuse anyway. I also did my usual slope shoulder adjustment, shortened both the jacket and the sleeves. I did not, however, do a FBA. It seem like Kwiksew patterns are all a bit more generous in the bust. I might make it again, I might not, who knows?

"Sombody" should have told me to smooth out the back when they took this!!