Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The app from HELL

Do you like your apps sluggish? How about apps that crash 25% of the time? If you do, this app's for you!!!
Seriously, it took me the better part of two evenings to enter all my fabric into this thing what with all the crashing. One has to be very patient with this thing, which I am or I wouldn't be a sewer would I?

It seems what causes most of the crashing is taking the photos of the fabric using the app itself. The workround is to use the phone's camera and import them to the program. This will bring down the crashes down to only 12%.

Some other strange features include:

  1. See the 60 there. That's the width. Wouldn't you like to know the length at a glance, too?
  2. Yardage measurement field is metric with 6 places after the decimal to backspace over before you can enter your yardage.
  3. The cursor settles back to the amount field even when you've scrolled well past it.
  4. Oh, and whats up with that category field in the fabric details? You mean we're supposed to know what we're going to make with the fabric ahead of time?
  5. The navigation and help are simply atrocious!
The one thing I did enjoy was using the voice recognition software whenever I could. Sometimes, its funny to see what it thinks you mean, but overall it was better than my typing. 

So after a long struggle, I got all my fabric entered in. I have 74 pieces in my stash. At the rate I sewed last year, I should be able to use it all up by Thanksgiving. Ha ha!!! 

I already started putting my patterns in and can see already how much fun that's going to be. Arghhh!!


  1. Maybe there's an app for that app!

  2. That is such a bummer that the app crashes so much because I would love to find something like this to use. At PatternReview.com, it's one function I really wish they had. But since they don't, an app is the next best thing!