Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 The year in review

Last January, three months before I started this blog, I bought a notebook and started making notes about my sewing projects. I was interested in seeing just how many things I made over the course of a year. Soon I realized the benefit of having photos so I started this web log (nobody says that anymore, do they?) Looking back over this past year, the first thing I looked to was the first page of that notebook.

2012 Goals

I think I did pretty well:
1. Pair of jeans: No, although I am currently working on this
2. Draft my own patterns:  I read a pattern drafting book, took a lot of measurements and drafted a sloper that was not quite right. But I did use the knowledge from that book to modify many a pattern this year.  I did draft 2 new purse patterns this year.
3. Bound buttonholes. Did that, plus welt pockets, too!
4.  Use up all my fabric (haha):  That one's still funny!!!!
5.  Intersperse other crafts: Yes, mostly jewelry. I taught myself something I had wanted to learn for a long time: how to knot pearls:

What I made before I started this blog
Since the notebook had only pattern numbers, I had no recollection what some things were until I looked up the pattern numbers.
7 Blouses, 2 Jackets, 2 Sweaters, 1 Negligee, 2 Vests, 1 Coat

What I made after I started this blog
Wow! I cannot believe this:
5 Jackets, 5 T-shirts, 14 Skirts, 15 Tops, 1 Smoking jacket, 6 Purses, 5 Dresses, 4 Pillows, 2 Kimonos,
3 Fascinators, 1 Men's shirt, 3 Vests, 3 Pants, 1 Tunic

That's a lot of sewing!!! 
My favorites:

Of course, there were a few failures too, mainly do to poor fabric selection. I'm not going to dredge up any of that unpleasantness!


My 2013 Goals

1. Again: pants
2. Again: pattern making. I would like to get a truly accurate sets of measurements and make a truly accurate sloper
3. More dresses
4. A warm winter coat
5. Market my purse designs
6. Use the sewing kit app on my phone
7. Take more interesting photos for this blog

Happy New Sewing Year!!


  1. So glad you started blogging, as looking back is half the fun! I can see why you went 'WOW!!!' Your sewing is beautiful, creative and exciting. Looking forward to following along on your 2013 goals - will join you in the photography goal, it is a hard one...

  2. Thanks. I want to start taking pics when I'm out in the world instead of in my house.

  3. You accomplished quite a bit this past year! The red top is especially striking with that bold print - love it! Anyway, I'm so glad I discovered your blog and it's inspiring me to really challenge myself this year to sew and create much more than I have in past years.