Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pants Purgatory

Where have I been the past two weeks? Pants Limbo--- that place between the muslin and the real pants. To the good side of the lustful, but not quite there in the vestibule, with the indecisive.

(That, and I've been really distracted by the Australian Open)

I dutifully read and studied the pants Bible. And I used a Plamer/Pletsch pattern. I can honestly say I've learned more about pants fitting in the last month than I knew in my entire life before. But what I came up with is a pair of pants I wouldn't wear to a dogfight. (Don't shoot me! Of course, I don't go to dogfights--its just an idiom my Grandma used to use.) I really didn't think they looked that bad on, but in these pictures? Oh my!!! I guess I didn't get that they were so tapered and I hate the way tapered legs look and how they fight with your shoes. Plus, they are too big and the crotch is too low. And this fabric which was smooth when I bought it washed into sandpaper. But, that's what muslins are for! The next pair are going to be in calla lily green corduroy and they are going to be beautiful!


  1. They look better in person. I thought my pants were turning out really great, until I put on the waistband and realized the front crotch was 2" too long. Back to the drawing board.

    1. These damn things are hard!! I feel so dense--I'm trying to take the taper out of the leg, but I'm not sure where I should start to widen them, so I started 3 inches below the hip. They're probably too wide now, who knows? Argh...
      We can keep plugging away during our snow day tomorrow! Good Luck.