Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Simplicity 1621-The dress

This is the dress I made from Simplicity 1621. (I also made the jacket, but obviously not to wear together!!) (Even if the two fabrics went together, I can't imagine wearing these two garments together, but that's just me.) As you can see, its got that high/low hem thing going on.
I really wanted to make it with some sort of large scale crepe print, but I had none. And neither did JoAnn's. It kills me how I can go to that particular store and not find that kind of fabric. Sure, they have lots of those silky prints, but they're just too thin--no body at all. So I chose this fabric from the Ethnic prints section. Its a tie-dye overprinted with gold Egyptian ladies. I've had a thing for gold and turquoise together ever since I had that vintage gold & turquoise brocade sofa back in college.

I did an FBA (adding 2 inches total) on the size medium in this pattern. I also shortened it 7 inches. I made my own bias tape to match. Its a very easy pattern to make and a nice dress for a really hot day.
If the right fabric comes along, this pattern and I will meet again.

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  1. This is beautiful fabric - the gold certainly lifts the colours well. The dress looks like it will be lovely and cool to wear - will have to hunt out this pattern for my looming summer months...J