Monday, August 19, 2013

My new best friend

I was finally able to take some time getting to know my new coverstitch machine. Its a Janome 900 CPX. The owner's manual is a mess: it comes with lots of typos and with loose extra pages for the pertinent info they left out. Oddly, one of the most crucial things you'll want to know, how to end the stitching, is not in the manual. Thank God for the internet and Debbie Cook! I did get the hang of threading the machine very quickly. In fact its much easier than threading a serger.
I made these four skirts from some Sophia doubleknit from Vogue fabrics. I love that the orange is called "hot sauce" and the green is "spanish olive". The "sangria" is on backorder. Granted, its a pretty stable knit, but you can see the hem is quite nice. I did not use steam a seam, but never found it necessary with this fabric before. The real test with be with a jersey fabric.
That'll have to wait though, because my daughter and I are going on a sewing-related road trip tomorrow.


  1. Nice colors and fabrics. I love my coverstitch also. It's a speedy way to finish edges and looks professional.

  2. I have exactly this machine, and you are right, the manual is all but useless. I bought mine used, so I don't have any support from the dealer. I think what I find most frustrating about the lack of info, is the lack of information regarding additional feet and binders and and and. I do love the machine though. Thank goodness for Debbie Cook and all the info she has compiled. What would we do without her?

  3. All the best on your sewing road trip. Those fabric colours are great.
    Exactly. Debbie Cook is great.