Thursday, August 22, 2013

Queen Victoria's Underpants

Miss Jane and I are back from our little road trip. Here we are taking our pictures in the reflection of the MOCA in Cleveland.

I'm wearing one of the skirts I just made with my coverstirch machine and
a Textile Studio Monaco Shell
 Cleveland is about a four hour drive from home. We had a really nice time there, but it was just a stopping off place for our real destination: the Kent State University Museum!
That's were we saw Queen Victoria's underpants and they were huge! I don't think she was that big but rather that the underpants were gathered quite a bit when worn. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in the museum. Her drawers (that's actually what they called them) were part of an exhibition that showed how undergarments changed as silhouettes changed and how important the corsetry, etc. was in carrying off the prevailing fashion of the time.

The exhibit had examples from 1760 to current times including a number of lingerie pieces that had belonged to Katharine Hepburn.

There was another exhibit centered around the use of pleats in clothing. There were garments by Fortuny, de la Renta, Lagerfeld, Issey Miyake, Madame Gres, YSL & Dior. It was really fantastic!

The museum is small but very much worth the trip, as is the town of Kent. They have a thing for squirrels.

Same outfit, different materials


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