Saturday, August 24, 2013

A skirt with sleeves


the skirt has nice movement in the breeze

I love cutting stuff up and rearranging the parts. I had an idea to have some fun and do a bit of freestyling with some men's shirts. At first I thought about doing some draping and making some sort of top or vest. As soon as I cut off the shirt sleeves and I could see what I should do: make a skirt. 
I cut open the underarm seams, then sewed three of the plackets shut and inserted a zipper in the fourth. Then I sewed the four panels together so that the cuffs became the waistband and the curved top part of the sleeve became the shaped hem. The gathering of the sleeve into the cuff became the gather at the hip into the waistband.  

it doesn't show too well, but there is a pinstripe in the black
Fun, huh?


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