Monday, November 5, 2012


I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and my clothes do too. I do not like this time of year. The cold and the darkness. The long sleeves and the stockings. Every year, switching my summer and winter clothes makes me sad. So, today I am going to go shopping. At an actual retail store. I'm not really planning on buying much, but more looking for inspiration.
Things are looking up a little, I did get a couple of cute sweaters at the thrift store this weekend.  And I have been doing some sewing, mostly in the utility vein. I made two tops from one of my TNT patterns, Kwiksew 3658. This print ITY came from Field's in Grand Rapids. The other one is a solid dark brown jersey.

I also made two more skirts from Butterick 5539. One is some funky double knit from the 70s I got from the free table at one of my sewing groups. I really don't see getting a whole lot of wear from this one!!

The other one is this really interesting knit fabric I've had in my stash quite a while. It looks almost like a short pile fur. I really like this one!

I made another pair of pants from Butterick 5539, too.

I do have a new pattern I'm working on that should get me out of my current malaise!


  1. I ran across your site from a review you did on I'm having such a good time reading your stuff. I also have S.A.D. and I despise this time of year. To help me get through it, I buy those bright white daylight bulbs (they are difficult to find) and put them in every lamp and ceiling lights in the house. It really helps. The box has to say "daylight" on it, or they aren't the white bulbs.

  2. I saw this on PR too and thought it looked great! I don't get S.A.D., or maybe I do because I want to go to bed at 6pm because it is so dark outside! I find that you just have to get outside, no matter what and that usually does the trick for me. I am fortunate though, my desk is next to a window during the day!

    Good luck, hope it gets better, love this top!