Monday, November 19, 2012

99 Welts

When I started this blog, I thought of a bunch of cool names for it. But they were all taken. So I thought up a lame name instead. Then I remembered something from my childhood. 99 Welts. Wouldn't that be a great name for a blog?
To explain: my dear Aunt Kate (actually my Great Aunt) lived in a garage apartment that you had to access from the alley. The next street over was Welts Street and the neighbors across the alley lived at number 99. Whenever we'd go to Aunt Kate's we'd see the neighbors garbage cans in the alley which had their address, 99 Welts, badly spray painted on. I remember always thinking how that address seemed so enigmatic.
To explain further: I have been working on my Tribal fabric coat. Last night I made 2 sample double welt pockets out of scrap fabric and this morning I made two more for real. Unlike the last time I tried, I can get my hands inside!! While I am quite comfortable making the welts, I really have to think hard about how to attach the lining and the pocket bags. Of course Burda's directions didn't exactly clarify the process. Its one of those things I would like to have the confidence to do without thinking twice about. Maybe it will take 99 Welts!
Four down, 95 to go!

Welt #4
The pattern

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