Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I learned at the Mall

Clothes are really expensive there. I have saved myself a bundle.
I really didn't see anything that special. Maybe that was because I was crabby and had a headache.
Big low dolman sleeves don't look good on me. I already knew that, though.
There are two kind of boots. Ugly mannish boots and Hooker boots.

The one inspiration I did come away with was this: Tribal Prints.

This image is from an article and slide show called The Strange History of the Indian Trade Blanket that ran on in July, 2011.  I have not stopped thinking about it since I first saw it. I have the perfect fabric for it. It will be my next project!!

In the meantime, I ran out of thread to finish my current project yesterday. So off to JoAnn's. I got up this morning to finish it and guess what? I had two inches to go and I ran out again!!
My husband observed that when he's working on a project around the house and has to go back to Home Depot, its like going to hell for him, but when I run out of something and have to go back to JoAnn's it like going to heaven for me! I suppose it is mostly true, huh?

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