Thursday, November 8, 2012

Three spools of thread later...

I finished sewing the last two inches of Simplicity 2560 last night.

I used a decorative stitch to do the topstitching. I like how it turned out, but, boy, did it eat up the thread!! I believe this may actually be the first time I have used one of the fancy stitches on my machine.

I've used this fabric quite a few times and really like it. It's Sophia double knit from I did not see it on their site the last time I ordered from them, but I did see it at Vogue in Chicago a couple of months ago. It's what I make the skirts from that I wear all the time. 

The pattern was right out of the envelope and although I originally intended to make it with sleeves I didn't have enough fabric. I'm wearing it over Kwiksew 3658.

The fancy stitching

The back. The gathering extends to the side.


  1. This is one of the patterns in my stack to try this year! Your version came out really cute, especially with the fun topstitching!