Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A sort of Pyrrhic victory

I finally finished my tribal fabric coat and while I am happy with the welt pockets I find the rest of the garment lacking. I hate that it didn't live up to my high hopes and that it took up so much of my, lately, very precious time. More later.


  1. The coat is stunning. Perhaps you just need to come up with a way (or two?) to style it

    I can picture it with a dark turtle neck, slim-legged pants and boots.... Perhaps even worn with a wide belt. Hope it grows on you, as I think it is marvelous.

    1. Kathie: I didn't see your comment here until after I made a newer post about the jacket. When I came back to it with fresh eyes, I did like it better. I did help to wear something nicer under it!