Friday, December 21, 2012

Burda 7700- the muslin

I have admired this pattern from afar for a while and recently picked it up on sale. I planned to make it into a vest. Fortunately, I looked it up on Pattern Review before I started. This pattern is HUGE! It doesn't really look like it on the envelope, except view D, but this thing's got ten big inches of ease in the bust!
I don't really like to swim in my clothes, so I started with a size 12 and folded out .75 inches on the front and back pattern pieces (for a total of 3 inches smaller than size twelve). Its still a bit big. Next time I'm taking out a full inch (for 4 inches below size 12). I also added a diagonal dart from below the bust toward the hip.
Like most vests, I had significant gaping at the armhole so I put a dart in there, too. But, for the next version, I have rotated the armscye dart into the other dart.
I'm also making the collar half and inch shorter and the shoulders a bit narrower.
I'm pretty happy with how this muslin turned out, even though I found a moth hole in the fabric after I was finished with it, because I'm making the next one with one of my absolute favorite pieces of fabric from my stash. I hope it turns out well.



  1. With your tweaks to this pattern I think you will have a winner! It certainly doesn't look so ginormous on the illustration...J

  2. Interesting. Burda doesn't usually produce garments with so much ease. I nominated you for an award. See my blog if you want to participate. If you don't--that is just fine.