Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A dumb story about a dumb girl*

I came home last night to find my daughter working on her holloween costume. She tells me my sewing machine is "chewing her fabric up" and also, that the stich selector lights are no longer working. Neither is the needle up/down button. Fantastic, right? Well, I cannot be without my machine, so I dutifully packed it up and took it into the shop. The nice man plugs it in, then tells me to close my eyes, snaps his fingers and fixes it in about two seconds!! Miss J had left the bobbin winder in the bobbin winding position. I really had no idea this would render all the electronics in the machine inoperable. I have had this machine almost ten years and this issue has never come up before because when I'm done winding a bobbin I take the bobbin off the little spindle and you have to move the spindle back into the neutral position to get the bobbin off!!!
I really don't need to know the explanation for the fabric chewing.

*I am being careful to not identify the dumb girl as either Miss J or myself!!


  1. Well, it's not me who's dumb, so...

    1. You'll notice I didn't say who was the dumb girl. It could have been the one who hauled the machine to 13 and Harper.