Saturday, October 6, 2012

The last sleeveless blouse of summer

Its a pity, because I like it alot. I will certainly be returning to this one in the spring. Who knows, maybe I'll make some sleeves for it before then. The pattern is Textile Studio's Monaco Shell. I was pleasantly suprised that the neckline didn't turn out as high as it looks on the envelope and though the straps are narrow they ended up in exactly the right palce for me.

The pattern is really super quick to make and I like that too! I made a size medium and added 2 inches at the bust with an standard FBA then eased the difference in the side seam at bust level instead of sewing it into a dart. I cut an extra half inch insurance on the side seams but only used a quarter inch and really don't think I needed that either. I didn't shorten it but will next time. I used steam-a-seam and a twin needle on the armhole edges and hem. The neck facings are simple stitched-in-the-ditch at the centers and shoulders.
The one really strange thing is that the pattern instructions direct you to finish all the raw edges before construction. I guess that was some ol' timey fear of raveling people had back when they first got knit fabrics to work with!!!

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  1. Looks super, you will get a few more wears out of it layered under a jacket...until next spring...