Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jalie 2919--Two more

Whenever I try a new pattern (Jalie 2919) and I like it, I check the warehouse for more suitable candidates. As I mentioned in my last post, I inherited this pattern from Gwen. The yellow and black fabric also came from her. Who knows, maybe she intended to pair the two! I don't know where she got the fabric, but I have seen another blogger use it. I do know where she got the pattern though: from another blogger. The world is a small place! 
The second fabric came from a free table.
All kinds of free going on here!! 

This fabric is a slinky 4-way stretch. Not a fabric you'd usually think "I'm going to sew some pleats in that!"...

Pleat detail
but it was actually easier than this fabric was (a tissue knit):

The brown areas are transparent
I like how a bit of the black ended up at the back of the neck

I will be putting this pattern away for now, but we have a date in the fall!! 


  1. All three look great! But don't put that pattern too far away - you promised to bring it to Designer 3 to share.