Monday, June 9, 2014


I had a pretty bad sewing fail this last week.
There were many reasons for this.
I hate navy.
But I love free.
Even if fabric is free, it doesn't make up for it being navy.
Swiss dots couldn't even make up for it.
It wasn't really the fabric's fault though, it was the princess seams.
I have heard many times how princess seams are so nice for the well endowed.
Princess seams are so easy to fit.
Blah. Blah. Blah.
I have never liked them and this confirms why.
There is a huge difference between fitting and flattering.
This thing fit so well it was obscene.
It's as if I had rented a billboard.
The gaping at the front of the armhole was pretty bad too. 
Then I get the new JoAnn's mailer and there the b**ch is.
Not the model wearing it, the pattern.
Simplicity 1462.

What I hated the most about it was how it wasted so much time.
I ripped it apart.
It felt good!
I removed the excellent trim before I threw it away.

The one good thing: I bought and used silk basting thread for the first time.
What a joy! 


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was the only person who hates navy. I do not like navy. I just do not. I have no concrete explanation other than...No.

    I also am not crazy about princess seams. Give me darts. Any day.

    And I bought this pattern and then looked at it and got annoyed that there are 317 seams.

    Ahhhhh. I feel your pain.

    1. Navy actually hurts my eyes!!!! I won't even let my husband wear it.

  2. so sorry that this was a failure for you. But so grateful to see someone else in misery with a pattern. this looks like it was a lot of work though. Hope you had fun ripping!

    1. Yeah, the sewing was horrible but the ripping was ecstatic!!