Monday, May 19, 2014

A lot going on

And I don't just mean these pleated multi-colored stripey squares!
In the past two weeks my daughter graduated from college, my stepdaughter got married and my stepson and his wife had our first grandchild!!
This cardigan is Jalie 2919 and the top is one of my TNT patterns (Textile Studio Monaco shell). Totally coincidental but in keeping with Indie pattern month or whatever it is going around. I've seen this pattern made up (by you, Cynthia) and really liked it. It was among the patterns inherited from Gwen. I wasn't too sure about the pleats. You can't really see them that well in the picture or this fabric, but they do add a bit of extra interest. Its a pretty perfect cardigan for this spring that just can't quite seem to get going. I've already cut out and started two more.
I have been trying to be a better human being (we should all try right?) so I've been tracing my patterns off instead of just hacking them up like I usually do. And with all those sizes included with a Jalie pattern I'll be able to make my granddaughter one of these. I am seriously looking forward to making some little girl clothes.    


  1. I love the fabric colors and the set. Looks great and has a lot of matching possibilities!

    1. Exactly! I have about 8 skirts it'll go with. Thanks for the compliment.