Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dusting myself off

After my recent failure with Butterick 8910,  then its partial redemption , I was left with nothing to show for my sewing efforts. Whenever this happens, I  turn to one of my tried and true patterns to make myself feel good again about myself as a sewer. "I do know how to sew!"

Besides, its getting fallish here in these parts.

This is the Textile Studio Monaco shell that I made a dozen of this summer. I added the sleeves from Kwik Sew 3658. I really love this pattern. I'm happy that I can make it year round now.

These two are the rest of Kwik Sew 3658. I love this pattern too and have also made it a dozen times. Both of these patterns are in my personal Sewing Patterns Hall of Fame! 
This one matches everything I own!

In the meantime, I am working on a woven shirt. I have 3 patterns in my collection I'm trying. Hopefully, one will become the Holy Grail of woven shirt patterns.


  1. Great looking tops. Love the fabrics!

  2. When I have a fail, nothing perks me up like blouse makes - these are lovely!