Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A sleeper pattern

And I don't mean PJs. What I mean is that this pattern seems like it's just afterthought. I think most people probably bought this pattern, Simplicity 2474, for the jacket or dress, but hiding there in the middle is this beautiful little cardigan. I like it so much I made it six times. That's my strategy for stash busting: when I find a pattern I like, I look for more "candidates" in my stash and I make it several times while the construction is still fresh in my mind.

The first version was this orange one was straight out of the envelope. The only adjustments were a little shortening. Sounds like pie, right? Not that kind shortening! This is a Sophia double knit from Vogue in Chicago. This color is called hot sauce and I have a skirt already in the same color.

The second version was this pale pink shell color. Also Sophia double knit. I shortened it even a bit more. I really love this one. I feel very Jackie Kennedy in it. Not so much though when I'm wearing sweat pants, like I was the day I took all these photos.

The third version is a double knit  polyester from the Giant Fabric Sale at Arts & Scraps. It looks great with denim leggings. I have a brown skirt that goes with it also.

The fourth version is made with the knit I picked up from JoAnn fabric for Christmas time.

The fifth version I made for my sister. I copied the pattern and shortened it even more for her. I made a skirt to go with hers as well.  It was a raspberry double knit with a diamond pattern. I wish I had a picture of it.

The sixth version is up in my sewing right now. But you'll have to wait till we go over to Lets Go Get Sewn to see that one.


  1. Love your cardigans! The fit is perfect on you and your fabric choice is pretty. You look lovely! Great job!

  2. So glad you are feeling much better and I love your new hairstyle. Great to see what you have been busy sewing, lovely choice of fabrics for your TNTs