Monday, March 6, 2017

5 Year Bloganniversary!!!

Dear friends, I started this blog five years ago. I have not been blogging very much lately due to my health but I've been having more good days than bad lately. Praise God. I have been sewing a bit but not blogging. I promised in my last post big changes here at the Room for Sewing and I'm ready to announce some of those changes now.

From the very beginning I disliked the name of this blog. It's lame. And I am a word person. Every name that I came up with that I thought was cool or clever I found was already taken by someone else, even if they weren't actually using it. I really wanted to call it "your yardage may vary." Anyway, to celebrate my five years anniversary I am officially going to change the name of this blog to:

Some of you may recognize the play on words from an old song first recorded by Ray Charles then Joe Cocker called "Let's Go Get Stoned." We won't be doing drugs though. Drugs are bad.

I have also begun using Dragon to do the dictation since I'm such a bad typist. Also, I am going to start using my iPhone as my only camera. I found a Bluetooth shutter release for the iPhone and  an adapter to attach it to a tripod. This should make taking the photographs much easier, which anybody who has a blog knows, is the hardest part.

I have also officially gone through the "change of life" as they call it and I have a cool new haircut to prove it. I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life and a continuation of the remission from the daily migraines.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to catch up photographing some of the items that were sewn last year and the beginning of this year. I hope those of you who've still follow me will go over to the new blog when it's officially up and running. It exists now but there's really nothing on that page yet.  I really would like to wrap this blog up before I start the new one up officially. Many thanks to those of you have been with me this past five years and I look forward to many more years together.
Love, Katherine


  1. Great new name. I hope it revitalises your blog because I used to love reading about your sewing. I look forward to your reviews.

  2. Katherine! Delighted that you're feeling so much better and are able to sew and even blog. I've always enjoyed reading about what you make and will happily follow you to your new site. Best wishes for continued better health.