Saturday, August 8, 2015

Welcome back Y2K: Vogue 8907

I bought this pattern (Vogue 8907) intending to make view B but never got around to it. Recently though, when looking through my pattern hoard, I noticed view C and I was, like, OMG!!! It's just like one of my favorite tops I ever made: Style 2891

Image result for style patterns 2891
I had made it with fabric I bought on my honeymoon in Aruba in 2000. I loved that top. It was a sad day when it no longer fit and we had to part. Thankfully, I still have my husband and he still wears the shirt I made him from the same fabric.

Though this was intended to be just a wearable muslin, I really love this top. I love orange! The fabric is a slubby polyester linen look-a-like inherited from Gwen.

It was a bit wrinkled the day we took these photos (on just as beautiful as Aruba Belle Isle) but then the wind blew them right out!

I bought the Lrg-Xlg-Xxl pattern range which is too big for me. I made it smaller by taking an inch out along the front and back centers but then added an inch to the front with an FBA. I also raised the armholes up an inch.  I had pre-washed the fabric and was surprised to see it shrank a bit more and fit better after it was washed.

Hopefully there will be enough summer left for another one!

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