Sunday, January 18, 2015

Better than the original

I love drapey cardigans. I have quite a few from the thrift store and even more that I made myself. Jalie 2919 is in my Hall of Fame. I had this bright pink one from thrift store I like a lot, so I decided to copy it. I like copying things. If you haven't done it before, I want you to know its easier than you might think. Especially with a knit: as we already know know forgiving knits are!

I start by laying Carol's exam table paper over the original and tracing the pieces with chalk and marking the grain lines. Then you just have to check and make sure all the adjacent seams that should be the same length are the same length. At this point I will also put the original on the dress form and double check that its' measurements agree with the flat pattern. Then you add your seam allowances. The only tricky part on this one is the shawl collar, but I've sewn enough of them to know what the pattern should look like and how its fits together.

This is the back of the original. Just look at how crooked it is!!

My copy is straight!

When I started this, I only intended the fabric to be a muslin. It had been in my stash a really long time (but not since '74 when it looks like it was made!) Its cotton interlock from the free table. I didn't think it would be stretchy enough but it turned out just fine.

I also made an orange long sleeve t-shirt to go with it from the Textile Studio Santa Monica Tee (a Hall of Fame pattern). I wore it the other day with my groovy orange coat, white cords and brown boots & a chick at Whole Foods complimented me!


  1. It looks great, I prefer seeing you in your creations tho! Hope you are feeling better! See you soon.

  2. Of course you got complimented....cute cardi!