Monday, January 26, 2015

A different copy

This is a copy of another thrift store cardigan. It's a close copy but not quite perfect yet. I do plan on making this one again with some good fabric from my hoard.

This is the original. It had a tie on it which I left off. The sleeves were a bit big so I made them a bit tighter. Look close and you can also see how pilly the fabric is.

I know its a bit hard to see, but it has princess seams in front and princess darts in back. The front drape is a bit off on the pattern-- it needs a wedge taken out to shorten the front/neck edge. Other than that its a pretty good copy.

Since this is just a muslin, I made it out of some frighteningly combustible plastic knit with a horizontal ridges in it. It is black though so it does go with almost everything I own:

including, yes, yet another Santa Monica tee.


  1. You look great as always. Hope to see you tomorrow?!

    1. I'm feeling pretty anxious. Lots of little things I feel like i need to take care of, you know. So i didn't go. How was it?