Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A sewing haiku

cutting is forever
once scissors slice material
it will not grow back

I hadn't sewn anything since I finished my coat a couple of weeks ago and was itching to start something. I chose this from my stockpile of patterns. 

Its Butterick 3371. There was only one review on PR and, although it didn't have a picture, it was positive. I already knew I'd have to lower that neckline. Then both my husband and my daughter said they didn't like the fabric I was using. I think they jinxed me!

I cut it out and started sewing. When the time came to sew on the flounce something seemed wrong. You could see the wrong side of the fabric so I cut another and doubled it. Problem solved. It was looking pretty nice. I sewed the back and the shoulder seams. It was after that I noticed something was seriously wrong! The longer side was on the left in front, but on the right in the back. Naturally, I decided to consult the directions to see if there was some other ruching I had missed since my hemlines were off by 4 inches on both sides. No, there was not more ruching. Sadly, I realized I had cut the front piece wrong side up. I went into "make it work" mode and evened up the hem as best I could but was already singing the "I Don't Care" song by this point. 

Cool roller coaster effect.
Next time I'll use a solid fabric!

Annie does not have scoliosis, but her blouse does!

As it is, its not wearable. But I think I could love this pattern. I'd like to try it in a solid black jersey. That way, if I cut something out wrong again, I can just turn it over!


  1. I wouldn't have noticed, but that center back seam is so off center so I started reading further. It is a cute pattern, I hope you don't give up. FWIW, I have a gorgeous silk blouse that I cut two perfect right fronts. Sometime it just misses, don't let it discourage you.

    1. I hate to have to buy fabric just to try this pattern out again but I just might. Don't you wish you could Ctrl+Z in real life!