Thursday, December 12, 2013

The coat switcheroo

We are now in the single digits and some jerk took my daughter's long down coat and left their cigarette burned, smoke scented, greased stained coat in its place. Nice huh? From yoga class. Don't they know about karma?

Anyway, after my big fail with the last coat pattern, I spent some time in my cozy slanket looking for a new pattern on ebay. I found one that was love at first sight. In the meantime though, I decided to whip up this coat in some tweed from my stash.

I hope to get it done this weekend since I have already finished my Christmas shopping. Record shatteringly early, I might add!!! I have no excuse not to bake cookies now either.


  1. How rude!!!! People are insane :/

    Cute coat!!!

  2. Hopefully you will catch them wearing it ~ will hate to be in their shoes! Why do people do this, luckily you can whip up another beautiful coat to replace it this weekend ... J

  3. How beautiful! Love that pattern, what colors are you planning to use?
    I am really impressed that you can even think about getting a whole coat done in a weekend!