Friday, November 1, 2013

McCalls 6446, also not the Holy Grail of shirts

This is the second pattern I made up in my quest for the Holy Grail of shirt patterns. This shirt was the first. This time I decided to use a less fitted pattern. Sometimes a gal just likes a bit more ease. It fits nicely in the shoulders and bust, but it's a bit loose otherwise.
The main differences between the two shirts is that this one has long sleeves, front bands, a shirt tail hem and no princess darts in the front.  It could use the darts.
I made relatively few changes to this pattern: I shortened the bodice and sleeves both four inches, I did a half inch slope shoulder adjustment and narrowed the shoulder a half inch. This pattern came with different cup sizes and I cut a 16 with the D pattern.
The directions were east enough. There is a fair amount of hand sewing. This fabric (recently purchased at JoAnns) was strangely tough. I had difficulty getting pins in it and had to use a thimble for the hand sewing. My poor fingers were sore when I got done!
There is one thing about this pattern I consider to be very peculiar: the sleeves were cut in two pieces. Not for shaping but because the bottom of the seam is left open to become the vent for the cuff. I have never seen this before! I overlapped the two parts, cut it as one and finished the vent with a continuous lap.

I'm really not quite sure why I'm on this quest, because I really don't wear a regular shirt shirts very often. Maybe that's because I never had one I liked all that much. I can tell you this though, I do prefer a blouse without a collar stand and its not because I'm too lazy sew one. I just made two of them. I think the open collar is just a bit more flattering. The next blouse will be that style.
On to the file cabinet for number three!


  1. I always find the shirt-tail shape hem to be a little more flattering. Love the fabric you have used ~ the colours are gorgeous ... J