Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wardrobe bread and butter

I had a bit of the red double knit left over from Vogue 8624, so I whipped up a skirt with Butterick 5539. Well, 3 and a half skirts. I actually made the teal one a while ago, but it was too loose, so I took it apart and fixed it. I wear one of these skirts almost every day! It really is a wardrobe staple and the coverstitch machine makes it that much easier and professional looking.

And now I know for certain how fantastic Vogue 8624 is, because Miss J asked if she could wear it today. I haven't even worn it anywhere myself yet! How could I say no? She's wearing it with a pair of leggings she made herself this weekend.  I'm so proud of her. When she gets a little frustrated, I say "isn't sewing such a relaxing hobby?"

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