Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vogue 1294 pants

This is my latest pair of pants. For these I used Vogue 1294 and a thin stretch twill from JoAnns. I should have made them a bit smaller, especially the legs, but I wore them all day today and they are as comfortable as my favorite sweatpants and they fit as well as most any pants I have ever purchased.

Continuing to use what I learned from Palmer/Pletsch PFRP, I made these changes to the pattern:
  • I straightened the front fly so it didn't angle in at the top of the waist
  • Shaved 5/8" inch off the back inseam from crotch to hip (will take out even more next time)
  • Compared the crotch depth to the P/P fitting pattern and determined this pant's rise was fine the way it was
  • I had what I consider a brainstorm: I know that I have to fold out a vertical tuck through the entire back, and that I don't need the dart in back, so I brought the dart legs together and folded out that tuck from the dart all the way down to the hem. That way I didn't have to change anything on the waistband.
  • Did a mock fly zipper without the fly protector
  • Of course, I shortened  
These are so close to what I want, I'm almost thinking of taking them apart and trimming them down a bit. But I don't think I will. Instead, I hope to be braver with the fitting on the next pair.