Monday, February 18, 2013

Isn't this a pretty color?

That's about the only nice thing I can say about this top (Vogue 8790). Its a shame how this pattern turned out because when I tried it on before I put the sleeves in and thought "Wow! This is looking great!" It must have been the late hour, the dim light or the wine that caused temporary blindness because the next day when I finished it, well...
I admit I've got some lumps, but I do not have a weird pointy roll where my waist belongs! 

And what about the way the hem sticks out? Is that where my teeny tiny hips are supposed to go?

I admit the problem with the hem is my fault for shortening it too close to the ruched part. I think this could be really cute on a paper doll (like on the pattern envelope), but it and my girls are just not getting along! I also don't like how low the armholes are and how full the sleeves are. Arranging the drapes over the Alps is a problem. I have to push the inside drape down under my bust (like the outside one) which means two bunched up layers over the abdomen. And who would want that?

The biggest problem is that I should have done an FBA on it, but didn't.
Oh well. They can't all be winners!


  1. What a pity, because the colour is gorgeous on you, and around the neck is flattering!!! We live and learn...J

  2. That style would probably work if it were a lightweight, drapey silk or georgette. I think the weight of the fabric weighs it down.

    1. Its supposed to be made in a knit with 4 way stretch. I think I'll see if Cynthia will want it.

  3. It looks nice- just two sizes too large. I find that for most vogue patterns, I have to size down and then still plan on taking in the waist and/or hips. Especially for knits.