Monday, September 24, 2012

Its insane how fast you can make this dress!

I made another Vogue 1250. In about an hour and a half!

Annie's modeling the new one. I did make a couple of changes to the pattern. Actually, a few. After reading the many reviews on pattern review, I built up the underarm opening and the inside of the cowl, pretty much according to the Sewing Lawyer's instructions. I shortened the back bodice piece by an inch on the first one, then by another .75" on the second one. I shortened the skirt only an inch ( I'm not quite five feet tall, so I imagine it'd be too short for some people). I cut a size 14. And I did an FBA:  but with the hinge burried in the shoulder tuck and the "dart" in the sleeve.
But since I wasn't actually going to sew the dart and because I didn't want to increase the front armhole, I just overlapped it and closed it up:

What a great pattern!! But for now, I'll put it away until spring.


  1. That is a quick, and brilliant sewing pattern! So, what is next on your list to whip-up????