Thursday, September 20, 2012

I fought the Tribeca shirt and I won!

This is the second time I've been in the ring with this pattern. The first time I tried it was with a lightweight linen and that collar just went limp. So I threw in the towel. I guess I'm impatient or something, but one thing I can tell you, I have no UFO's. If something's not working out, I will not let it hang around in my sewing room trash talking me. Out it goes!

Then sometimes I have a change of heart. I bought the pattern again years later because I just loved the darts on it.
I figured I could make a facing for it that would solve that limp collar problem. (The pattern doesn't have facings--the edges are just turned under). Well, that didn't look right either. The facing did make the collar stand up, but it also made my bust look like the entire Northern Hemisphere.
Now, I do have another jacket with a funnel neck I like. The difference is that the collar on that one is open at the top. So I cut a triangular wedge off the front edge of the collar. Voila! It's not perfect, but for a wearable muslin it's not bad.


close up of fabric
In addition to changing the collar, I also did an FBA and shortened it about 2 inches. I cut a size medium which was too big. Since I put a facing on it I didn't do the buutonhole patches. The fabric was from the clearance home-dec table at JoAnns. I cut the buttons off of something back in the eighties.

There will be another rematch!


  1. Great collar change - this is the brilliant bonus of being a sewer. Looking forward to 'Round 3'...

    1. I think I might attach a collar, maybe madarin. Who knows?

  2. well done with the collar change it seems like your are winning your battle with this jacket