Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It was all a big lie!

The room for sewing was never a room at all. It was a half a basement. Although it was conveniently close to the washer and dryer, it didn't have any windows or ambiance. And it was a constant challenge keeping my chair from sliding into the sewer drain. I imagine there's about a million pins in in that drain now.

I've had some bittersweet news. The bitter part is that this person who's been in the next room from me now for 26 years is moving out to a place of her own. The sweet part is that I get to move my sewing room out of the basement into her bedroom. It's bit smaller than the space I have now but it has windows! And  a closet!! I'm really excited about the change. We are painting, and I even bought a little futon so I can take a nap in the sewing room.  I'm sure it'll be a lot nicer to work up there than in the basement.

On the health front, I've got what I hope is good news. I have sleep apnea and will be getting a CPAP machine. They've had a theory for a while that my headaches are caused by chronically poor sleep. I pray this is the answer.

And I pray for less hate in the world.

 Dear Jane:
I have every confidence in you.
And some advice:
Don't drink too much.
Don't spend too much.
Love yourself.
Make a difference.
Love, Mom.


  1. Lovely post. Enjoy your sewing room.

  2. Natural light will be lovely! Your Mom is wise. Hang in there!

  3. I'm sure she'll do great out there! :) Someone in my family got a sleep apnea machine many years ago and I cannot say enough about the huge positive difference it made to their quality of life, hope it will help!