Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Pleasant Surprise

I picked up this pattern (Butterick 5753) recently at a JoAnn's sale. I don't usually think this kind of loose top is all that flattering on me, but my body's been changing so I took a chance. It was a huge surprise to me how much I like this top. I made three in two days and may have made more if I had had more fabric candidates for it. It is designed for knits. The paisley version is a cotton jersey--you know, the fiddly, hard to work with kind of knit! 

It is super, super fast to make. My only quibble is with the width of the neckline. I had to bring it in an inch on both sides. Other than that, its a straight size medium right out of the envelope.

The striped one is some funky 1970s Quiana nylon recently scored from the free table. It doesn't have much stretch so it hangs a bit differently.

This animal print is so super stretchy I could get three of me into it! I should probably stabilize the neckline to cut down on its flash dance off the shoulder tendencies.

Clocking in at about 2 hours from cutting to finishing, its a great stash buster too!

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