Wednesday, March 4, 2015


They're a thing.  I made these for the challenge based sewing club of which I'm a member. Except I wasn't actually at the meeting to learn how to make them. So I had to rely on the internet for my instructions.


The top series is called "Boston" and the bottom "Detroit". I was watching reporting of the Boston weather while doing the collaged part. The mayor of Boston was telling its' citizens to stop jumping out of second story windows into snow drifts because it was dangerous! We got a lot of snow here in Detroit this winter, but I don't think I'd try that stunt.


This is the collage I started with:

Some of the fabric is from the whales, some is the binding from the pike, some is from the collaged coat from last summer plus there's some Chinese machine made Battenberg lace in there. So cool, no spendature!! They're secured to the background fabric with Wonder Under and Stitch Witchery. There's is a layer of heavy Pellon inside and another piece of a men's shirt on the back.

After I got it all fused together I free motion stitched it. I was happy that I seemed to be getting the hang of it finally, then I looked at the wrong side and the thread was all loopy. I felt loopy when I saw that. Please don't look at the back!

After the stitching is done they get cut into strips. With a rotary cutter. I hate rotary cutters. I think because I'm short I don't have enough leverage.

The next step was to do a satin stitch along the long edges. That's when my daughter came in and asked "don't you have a machine whose job it is the finish the edges of things like that?" So I slapped myself in the head and moved over to the serger! After that they get cut into squares and the short edges finished. That was a bit harder with the serger. Some aren't quite square, so sue me.

Once that's done you get to embellish them with whatever bits of ephemera you might have. I have a lot! Never before has so much effort gone into such a one inch sewing project.

The final part of the challenge is to incorporate them into another project. I don't have any ideas yet...

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