Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Commas and Snales: Butterick 5826

Optimistically deciding it was time to do some spring sewing, I unearthed this pattern from my hoard. It's similar to a RTW top I have (thrifted, of course!) At least around here, you can't always try things on at the thrift store, but I took a chance with the top anyway. I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the style on. But I felt guilty wearing it because I hadn't made it. I make it a point to wear mostly self made clothing and if I realize I don't have at least one thing on that I made myself, I'll change clothes. If that makes me a weirdo, well then, I am one unique weirdo.

I purchased the pattern (Butterick 5826) last fall but never got around to making it. I've got about 200 others patterns I haven't gotten to yet either!  PR has a couple of reviews of both views.

I like it. A lot actually. It and its RTW cousin I mentioned above are the only pullover woven tops I own. Perhaps I need to explore this genre further. Its a shirt but not a shirt and it feels and looks feminine. The fabric is an inherited piece of 35" wide mystery fabric. Its very, very thin which is pretty ideal for a top like this with a fair amount of ease.

I have to say I wasn't too keen on the gathers in the back but after looking at the pictures I quite like them. I also thought I didn't like that the sleeves don't have cuffs on them and now I don't think I mind that either.

I cut out a size 12 and added a bust dart (adding an additional 2 inches)

The top and the sleeves were shortened  2 1/2 inches. I'd recommend cutting the sleeve cap down a bit. I got them all in there but they are not perfectly smooth. It seems like to much sleeve for the amount of scye.

I did have a head scratching episode over the instructions for finishing the front neck binding and facing.

I did it like this:

Here's hoping it's warm enough to wear soon!


  1. It's a lovely top! I like everything about it especially the fabric.

  2. Very nice! I think I need to lok for this pattern.......

  3. Love the top. Looks lovely on you too! Where were you today? I missed you! If you have a free day, call and let's do lunch. How about in royal oak and we can visit Habermans? I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket!