Thursday, August 21, 2014

Well, that didn't work!

I got these tanks from Landsend. I like that their tops never fade or shrink, but even though they are petites, I thought they were a bit long on me. I have no explanation for why I bought the striped one at all!! 

I thought I could save some time by hemming them with my cover stitch machine using clear thread. Ha! Ha! No cooperation whatsoever. I could never get clear thread to work properly in my regular machine, so I really don't know what kind of insanity let me to think would work in the cover stitch.

After an hours' frustration, I came to my senses and did it the hard way--re-threading for each color--which, of course, was really the easy way after all.  


  1. Clear thread is evil. Accept it and never try to use it again. 8-)

    Not being petite (or even close), I have to ask, aren't petites a standard length? That must be frustrating.

    1. Ok. I'll save it for catching fish!
      I think these were longer than most petite tops. I'll call it design length--you know, like design ease. Plus they flared out at the hips whereas my hips don't.
      That and I'm under 5 feet and a standard petite is 5'4" so I still have to shorten sometimes.
      No wonder I make my own clothes!