Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sewing Straight

I realized that the last three projects I have worked on were all sewn in straight lines! This is the latest. Although I sew garments with home dec fabric a fair amount, I have not really done much home dec sewing. In the past, I have made some pretty crappy curtains I wasn't very proud of, but I am very proud of these. I measured and got the repeats perfect on all six windows! I did measure and mark four times before I got the scissors out. Pretty good for a newbie.

Daytime, back lit
The room I made these for is a dressing room with a vanity. In addition to doing our makeup, my daughter and I also keep our jewelry and accessories in it. It has windows on three sides, so we sometimes felt like we were in a fishbowl, especially like when a guy was cutting a tree down next door! Hey there, guy with a chainsaw! It fells a lot more private now.

The main reason I wanted to re-do this room was so that I could move my beading supplies out of my sewing room. My husband let me have the old childhood desk his dad made for him. You can just see the edge of it on the lower left. The desk has lots of storage for my bead horde and tools.

Nighttime with artificial light.

I hung these tie backs up to store necklaces. Its a good solution for keeping everything tangle free and easy to find.

The room is now a cozy, peaceful place for beading, reading and drawing. This weekend we are doing a lot of painting in the house and I have five more windows to sew for, so I don't think I'll be able to spend too much time in there just yet!

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