Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I can't believe I made panties!

I've had a notion to sew some lingerie, mostly because there are two pieces of fabric in my stash that I can't imagine making anything else with. Then, I was at one of my sewing club meetings and we were given the challenge to select an old Stretch and Sew pattern to use. I didn't get the camisole, but I did get the panties!

Here they are:

Believe me when I tell you, these are the most fabulous pair of underwear I own! They're comfortable and fit great. And to think all these years I've been throwing away all those ITY scraps when I could have been making panties with them!

I used this pattern:

I did have to make a few prototypes. Although I used the pattern without any changes, I changed the construction order and used different types of elastic. I found lingerie elastic with the picot edge looked and felt bad. Maybe it was different in '82 when this pattern was printed. I used clear elastic on the leg openings and regular 1" wide elastic at the waist. I sewed the leg elastic in flat then flipped it to the inside and zig zagged  it down after the side seams were serged together. I also used the serger to attach the waist elastic. I found that you should make the panty with negative ease, but only make the elastic about an inch smaller than the garment measurements. 

They're a great project when you have only a little time and energy as they only take about 40 minutes and require no standing up or pressing. I think I'll cut out a few more. 


  1. I love sewing panties, my me-mades stay where they are put without the need for adjustments. Hmm, I should make some more soon.

  2. That brings back memories! Way back when S&S became popular, I made tons of panties,decorated with lace, plain, wild and crazy prints. Slips, camisoles. Never made bras, though bra making has become a favorite among those who attempt it.