Friday, April 19, 2013

I went down with the ship

After my recent fail with this jacket pattern, I decided to try the skirt.

Well, the skirt was just as frightening as the jacket. I made a size 8 and it was huge! So I took it apart, took out the darts, cut it down & resewed everything. I expected the pointy things to kind of stick out like on the envelope drawing (I was using one of the recommended fabrics for the pattern.) but instead it looked like the pleats on the bottom of a garbage bag, which was fitting because that's were it went. Then it went for a little ride on a big truck.

Goodbye Forever, Vogue 7914!!

While I'm painfully aware I haven't had much free time to sew lately, I was quite surprised to notice it has been a whole month since I finished my last successful garment. That's a long time for me.

Just so nobody has to feel too sorry for me, I did manage to make two purses this month:

The Geraldine is home dec fabric on the top and a thrifted men's suit for the bottom

This Emma is made with boucle from a thrifted ladies' blazer and a vintage broach

In the meantime, I have been doing a ton of thinking about, reading, researching, testing and amassing of materials for my next project.  This project will be a major time investment, but its one of those things I can work on outside the actual sewing room. I'm currently working on a muslin for it and should be ready to really dive into it beginning this weekend. More later.

And I was excited to find these scissors at a neighborhood consignment shop for 4$

Now, when I'm feeling around under all the tissue, paper and fabric in my work area, I'll have twice as good a chance finding my scissors!


  1. Love the Emma! And the scissors are an excellent buy - don't you just hate how they hide from you when needed during sewing?????

  2. Good on you for giving it a go and then leaving it for recycling.