Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Joan of Arc

That's the name my husband gave this jacket: Burda 113, Illusion Jacket.

I didn't quite get it finished this weekend as hoped, mainly due to my over-eagerness to get it finished! I had it all hemmed before I discovered the darts had somehow moved up an inch too high- elves must have been working on it while I slept! I had to undo the lining at the hem, open up the princess seams and the darts and re-sew the darts.
Other than the Odyssey of downloading, printing and preparing the pattern, and the dart setback, the pattern went together quickly and easily, except that I couldn't make heads or tails out of  Burda's instructions for attaching the sleeves even after reading them repeatedly. The little cap sleeves are lined to the edge of the sleeve hem, and the knit sleeves go inside them. What I did was baste the lining and jacket edges together at the armhole and then also basted the finished, lined cap and long sleeves together,  then set both sleeves in together and serged the raw edge. Not very pretty but I could not fathom any other way to do it. 
This pattern has other versions: a sleeveless vest and a vest with just the cap sleeves. I think perhaps the addition of the long knit sleeves was an after though and that may be why the directions for them was not fully figured out. 
I made this in the vest length as the jacket would have been below my knees.  I ended up making a size 38 with a 2" FBA and its a bit roomy.
I did wear it today even though it was only 28 degrees out and I was freezing my behind!  

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