Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Katherine and Her Amazing Technicolor Housecoat

Well, what can I say? I sure used up a lot of fabric making this robe! And that was my goal. I've had a bunch of these one yard pieces of brocade for a long while and no idea what to do with them. They are shiny and I do not like shiny fabric. I would never use them for a blouse but did contemplate using them for a skirt but imagined they might be too fragile for that. Then a friend suggested a robe!! Perfect! I used Simplicity 4134 for this. Its quick and easy. And I have enough brocade to make one or 2 more in different colors combinations.
The best part? About an eighth of my fabric storage area is now available for new stuff and I'm going to Chicago tomorrow and there's a fabric shop I like to stop in while I'm there.

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