Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A tail of woe

Image result for big wet dog

I cut out a third pair of pants after I finished the last two pair. I even bought a matching zipper. (I will usually use extraordinarily unmatched zippers in pants since you can't see them anyway). The fabric was a nice textured grey black denim from my stash. It was a free table acquisition. I had dutifully serged the edges and washed it as soon as I brought it home.

It's amazing how quick making pants is, once you get the fitting adjustments worked out. I was clicking along at good pace. Pockets on. Zipper in. Inseam sewn. Crotch seam sewn. Waistband attached. By then I noticed something strange as I was pressing it. It smelled like a wet dog. I don't have a dog. Funny how you can ignore such an obvious sign.

The time came to try them on to do the final fitting of the outside seams. They felt like poison ivy! That was no denim, my friends, that was wool!

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