Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bizarre fabric deserves a bizarre pattern

Both this fabric and pattern were inherited from Gwen's stash. I like to think that she intended for the two of them to go together. Some people might think this fabric is ugly. Here's a close up so you can judge for yourself.

I wore this to Starbucks and noticed this gal couldn't keep her eyed off it. I was thinking how stylish I looked and she was thinking damn, that lady's got a lot of cats!!

The pattern is the Sewing Workshop's Deja Vu Wrap

It is cut from one big Moby Dick looking piece with extra parts for the pockets and binding. 

The instructions have mark you the pattern with 5 different colored tailors tacks. You would seriously get lost without them. It seams like it took longer to cut out than to sew it. I made a size small. I took it to a sewing group meeting where a bunch of the ladies tried it on & everyone liked it. At least, they said they did!

I would make this again if the right fabric came along.


  1. We're gonna call that FANTABULOUS!!! :-) That fabric is gorgeous and the pattern is a perfect compliment!

  2. It's great! and I nearly spat out my tea reading "damn, that lady's got a lot of cats"

  3. Now that is a fun combo of pattern and fabric! Good thing you made a size small though or you'd be wearing a fuzzy sleeping bag. ;) This one looks just right on you. And warm too, I bet.

    1. There is a lot of ease in it, so the small is plenty big. I think you'd only need a larger one if your arms were longer. It is nice and cozy too. Thanks.