Friday, July 18, 2014

The Big Skirt Project, Parts 4,5 and 6

4. Puffy, Pastel, Polyester Perfection
I'm pretty sure this was previously a prom dress. It was a maxi length, halter topped, sized zero thrift store oddity I bought because the fabric is just that fascinating. Its been hanging around my sewing room at least five years waiting to hatch into a beautiful new butterfly. I reused both the original lining and zipper.

5. Wrap skirt
I used the same pattern (McCalls 3830) to create a wrap skirt variation. I lapped the side seams and converted the top of the side seam to a dart, added an overlap and rounded the corners. I cut a test out of an old sheet and liked it so much I went ahead and finished it. I used bias I made from the leftovers of a shirt from a few years ago. I love wrap shirts, but not with ties (I'm not a shirt tucker-inner) so used buttons. I have a really special piece of fabric that will be perfect for this.

6. Pink with Mysterious Spots
The only variation on this one was putting a lining in it.. That, and I must have stretched the petersham a bit because it's a little tight in the waist. I was contemplating fixing that until I got it out of the dryer and saw the mysterious spots on it. I'll wash it again and if they don't come out, out it goes. Just because I made it doesn't mean I'm married to it!

More to come!

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